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  • "Live and Let Live - Hawaiian Monk Seals" By Patrick Ching

Live and let live - Hawaiian Monk Seals By Patrick Ching

"Live and Let Live - Hawaiian Monk Seals" By Patrick Ching

Nature Artist, Patrick Ching share his article about the Hawaiian Monk Seals to help you understand the plight of these lovely creatures.

Monk seals are in a struggle for survival. Though they are becoming more common on the main Hawaiian Islands, their numbers are dwindling on the Northwest Hawaiian Islands where they historically thrived.

Some people resent the seals for hampering their fishing, or for taking their beach space. To some the seals are a symbol of a government that protects native animals more than native people. Recently, Hawaiian Monk Seals are being killed by people. If you're concerned about this situation, read the full article here.

For every purchase of Patrick's Giclée artwork with a Monk Seal in the image, he will donate 10% of each art sale to a non-profit organizations whose mission is to help save the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

View his Hawaiian Monk Seal Images here.

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