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Hawaii Artist Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist

  • Featured Item This Hour Hawaii Art News - Wednesday, 1/26/2022
  • Honu Hatchlings NEW RELEASE

    Inspiration: The ‘Ea is the name of the Hawaiian Hawksbill Sea Turtle. It is sometimes called Houn ‘Ea although Honu is actually the name of the more abundant Green Sea turtle. The ‘Ea is a rare species with a bill shaped like a hawk’s beak that it uses for foraging. Its main food source are sponges which are actually animals as compared to Algae (plants) that are the main food source of the Honu. The meat of the ‘ea was said to be toxic due to its diet of sponges. The Shell of the ‘Ea has more pointed edges and scute sections than other turtles and was highly prized in old Hawaii for making tools and decorative ornaments. As it gets older, the points of its shell become smoother resembling other species of sea turtle. One main difference in the facial plates of the ‘Ea is that there are four plates between its eyes as compared to just two plates on the Honu.
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About Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist

Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist This website features the work of Hawaii artist, Patrick Ching, a reknown nature artist and owner of Patrick Ching Art in Waimanalo, Oahu and Princeville, Kauai. More...

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