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Aloha and Merry Christmas Friends of the Papahānaumokuākea Song and Color Book Project,

‘Tis a quick update on the progress of our project.

It is a pleasure to share that many of our goals and dreams

Have happened and that many of our milestone objectives have come true.

We have recorded the song with musician Kawika Kahiapo, built a website to share the song, had it featured on news reports and newspapers,

had events at various places including the Waikiki Aquarium, produced a Painting in Paradise TV episode, and shared the song with many people that have a hard time getting it out of their head.

Our project has done a lot to help people know about the sacred places way out they-yah…

Currently we are completing the digital hand out products which initially consisted of a CD and DVD packet but have now been changed to a flash drive Card that can hold the song versions, karaoke style video, supporting song sheets and project information. This flash drive is the size and shape of a credit card and has a flip out USB tab that inserts into most any computer or playing device.

The card will be held in a folding disc jacket that will also have the written song lyrics and general project information on it.

For funding we held an Indiegogo campaign that raised about $2,500 after expenses. We are still fulfilling the gift rewards of this campaign with the last portions of the fulfilment being the distribution of the flash drives and then finally the coloring book.

The coloring book will take money to produce and we are awaiting confirmation of a grant award at this time. The book and all versions of the song will also be downloadable for free use to all who would like to use it.

There is also a karaoke video being produced to make learning the name and the song fun and interesting. This would be great to feature among the favorite songs at the karaoke venues.

Thank you again so much for your support of this program.

Learn more about our project and share it at


Patrick Ching

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Here are some pictures we took along the way…


Some screen shots of the karaoke song video…



With Toni Parras of NOAA at the Waikiki Aquarium event.


Public painting at Aquarium.


Painting cephalopods with the keiki.


Waikiki Aquarium Performance…


Teachers using the song in their curriculum.


Here's a Bumper Sticker all supporters can get…


‘Aikahi 4th Graders. Winners of the Song Contest performed it at their May Day Festival, on KHON news, and at the Waikiki Aquarium too.


Aikahi School Teacher Alex Kauhini and some 4th graders get ready to perform on the KHON morning news.


Mahalo Kawika Kahiapo for recording the long and short versions you can hear at

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